Terra Cafe offers a 4-course champagne dinner for lovers and foodies

They say food is the way to a man’s heart – or maybe it’s the way to all hearts with the right seasoning. One of Baltimore’s most acclaimed chefs and business owners, Terence Dickson, is back for a highly-anticipated Valentine’s Day event for those with big hearts and bigger appetites: My Funny Valentine.  

Dickson probably won’t be taking calls or meetings on Valentine’s Day; he will be behind the fire and pan serving an intimate 4-course champagne dinner. “It will be an evening of class and eloquence. We’re grown, ” Dickson laughs. “So, it will be a sexy experience!”

From flame-grilled filet mignon to Mediterranean chicken, Dickson plans to show the culinary expertise of Terra Café with an exclusive one-time menu and get the crowd ready for what’s next for the popular Baltimore restaurant. “This event is the introduction for the palette of Terra 2.” said Dickson.

Classically trained vocalist and Morgan State University graduate, Michele Bowman, will perform a live concert to the love-night attendees. A musical fusion of Jazz, Neo Soul, Classical and Latin, Bowman is versatile in sound; she can make a whisper sound like a volcano. Last year, she sung to a sold-out crowd with a live band at Terra Café for Valentine’s Day and expects to come back with more silk and soul.

The Charles Village restaurant first opened its doors in 2009, and has since served as a gathering place for art events and community meet-ups on 25th street. The event will be held in the cafés recently expanded dining area covered with burgundy bricks, gold-light chandeliers, and impressive art work of legendary black figures. The space itself breathes intimacy, ancestry, and romance: close candle-lit tables with the flame flickering on a portrait of Martin Luther King.

This is the 2nd year that Terra Café has offered an exclusive Valentine’s Day event and Dickson is looking forward to the smiles, laughter, and music. On Valentine’s Day, Terra Café is prepping for a lot of good food to go around – and champagne.

My Funny Valentine is on Valentine’s Day. Doors open at 6:30pm. Showtime 7-10pm. Tickets are available here.